Teaching Resources

These resources provide you with the opportunity to explore new teaching strategies and approaches. 

Instructional Guide for University Faculty - Short articles on a wide variety of topics related to teaching and learning

Preparing to Teach for the First Time - Quick guide for planning your first course and preparing for your first class meeting

Guidelines for Those New to Teaching at NIU - Overview of policies and procedures related to teaching at NIU (see the Faculty & Academics section of the Policy Library for the comprehensive list of academic policies)

Strategies for Starting the Semester Well - Tips for having an effective first class session to set a positive tone for the rest of the semester

Syllabus Checklist - Recommended sections to be included in a course syllabus

Teaching a Course on Short Notice - Tips for prioritizing tasks to prepare a course when you are assigned to teach close to the beginning of the course

Online Teaching Resources - Quick Guide on the most important tasks to complete when beginning to teach a course online and to jump-start your course development

Faculty Toolkit for Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Resources on creating an inclusive classroom and incorporating culturally responsive teaching techniques

Resources for Accessible Teaching - List of NIU-based resources as well as general resources on the topics of pedagogy, technology, legislation, guidelines, and learning management systems



In addition to these resources, we promote effective teaching through a number of programs and services for individual as well as groups of faculty. For more information, please contact center staff in charge of teaching-related assistance.