New Faculty Network

The NIU New Faculty Network is sponsored by the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center. The purpose of this Network is to provide a virtual environment in which faculty new to NIU can share ideas and ask questions about teaching, learning, and university resources. Such communication will help you build a connection to the university and each other. This Network, hosted within Microsoft Office 365, is open only to new tenure-track faculty at NIU. New faculty are automatically added to the Network by Faculty Development staff.

Network Objectives

  • Get further acquainted to NIU
  • Build cross-disciplinary peer networks
  • Foster connection, collaboration, and collegiality among faculty new to NIU
  • Acquire teaching and learning resources
  • Become familiar with the NIU community
  • Develop teaching skills

Who is a Participant of the Network?

  • Faculty new to NIU in their first or second year
  • Faculty Development staff members who will moderate the Network
  • Select faculty and staff who serve as resources and mentors for new faculty

What Content will be Added to the New Faculty Network?

New content will be added approximately once each month and will be dated and searchable for easy access. 

  • Material on teaching and learning from a variety of sources such as:
    • The Chronicle of Higher Education
    • – News, opinions, surveys, & webinars related to higher education
    • Books, journals, articles, monographs, etc. 
  • Blackboard Resources
  • NIU Resources and Support Units
  • Events and Happenings on Campus
  • Community Information – DeKalb and Sycamore

What and How New Faculty Can Share in the Network?

  • Start a Conversation
  • Share a File

Last Updated: 10/11/2019