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There are many decisions to be made when developing an entire degree program online, whether it is a few courses for a certificate or an entire undergraduate or graduate degree. The Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center can partner with your department to offer support and assistance throughout the process.

Market Analysis

By partnering with trusted external partners, we can help you gather information on the potential demand for your program. This helps you estimate the number of students who might enroll to anticipate course sizes, course loads, and revenue. This information is needed for the program development application.

Consultation on Program Framework

Students are most successful in online programs when there is a clear central vision for the program, including elements that may be consistent across the courses in their program. Before beginning development of individual courses, we will partner with faculty to facilitate a conversation about the program and any elements that they decide to keep consistent across courses. This Program Framework may include navigation elements, technologies, or policies. 

Course Development

Once a Program Framework has been established, individual faculty will collaborate with an instructional designer to design and develop an online course. In addition to offering extensive experience in online learning, the instructional designer can assist with the overall design of the course, developing multimedia materials, creating or advising about online assessments, and ensuring the final course meets NIU's quality standards. Learn more about course development.

Professional Development for Faculty

A wide variety of programs, resources, and services are available in support of online teachign at NIU, including workshops, institutes, individual consultations, and online teachign resources. The professional development process begins with an Online Teaching Readiness Self-Assessment, which allows us to develop a personalized framework of professional development that is customized for each faculty member. Learn more about online teaching support.

Promotion of Online Programs

The Division of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communication is developing capacity and capabilities for promoting online programs to potential students. This includes developing advertising campaigns, creating informational web pages, and monitoring and responding to student inquiries. 

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